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The hard reality is that audio cables can only do damage: they can blur or smear information, distort phase relationships, destroy detail and add colouration. Bad cables can – and all too often do – ruin the best of systems.

For decades, Siltech has been producing preeminent high-end audio cables, products whose qualities have been recognized around the world, year after year. That consistent excellence rests on our reliance on proper engineering practice, objective measurement and research and the understanding that additive effects are just as damaging as subtractive ones. To accurately reproduce music, its full scale and power, its delicacy and nuance, the cables in a audio system must preserve and protect every tiny shift in the signal, even the smallest change in level or content, at both ends of the dynamic range: to achieve that they must combine the best possible conductivity and termination with proper protection from mechanical or electromagnetic interference - and they must maintain that performance over time. Interference and long-term degradation effects so small that they challenge the threshold of conventional measurement can still be ruinously destructive to fragile musical signals. You can only deliver the best performance if you balance conductor type and size, insulation materials, cable topology and terminations against price and function. To make the best hifi cables, the ones that do the least damage, takes years of experience and accumulated knowledge, the development of new techniques and proprietary technology – and a willingness still to learn…

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