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Siltech's Summer Publish date: 2018-07-13 Siltech's offices and factory will be closed for a holiday Hifi + visit Publish date: 2018-07-02 Alan Sircom visited Siltech's and Crystal Cable's offices in Arnhem and factory in Elst!

ENJOY THE MUSIC.com Publish date: 2018-06-29 Siltech Classic Anniversary Cables



Job opportunity! Publish date: 2018-06-04 Want to become a vital part of Siltech and Crystal Cable's team? HIGHEND MUNICH Publish date: 2018-05-18 Siltech celebrated 35 years in Munich, HIGHEND MUNICH 2018 Publish date: 2018-04-18 Visit Siltech at Highend Munich from May 10th-13th! Editors' Choices The Absolute Sound Publish date: 2018-03-22 Siltech's SAGA and Explorer cables are among The Absolute Sound's Editors' Choice awards!(The Absolute Sound Issue #281)
UK and Ireland Publish date: 2018-03-02 New distrbutor in the UK and Ireland!
Crown Priness by My-Hiend Publish date: 2018-03-01 Siltech's Crown Princess (special 35 years anniversary cable) features at Taiwanese My-Hiend. Pure Enjoy Publish date: 2018-02-27 Close to home at luxury event....
Audiophile magazine Thailand Publish date: 2018-02-14 Audiophile Videophile magazine in Thailand features an interview with Siltech's Edwin Rijnveld.

Siltech Crown Princess in Taiwan! Publish date: 2018-02-09 Gabi Rijnveld introduced Siltech's Crown Princess; the limited edition cable celebrating 35 of Siltech! 
Triple Crown in Audio Art magazine Publish date: 2018-02-06 Siltech's Triple Crown series is featured in Taiwanese Audio Art magazine

Soundstage visit in Vegas Publish date: 2018-01-31 Roger Kanno (SoundStage! Network) visited Siltech in Las Vegas, thank you!

Siltech Crown Princess! Publish date: 2018-01-19 Siltech celebrates 35 years with a very special edition; Crown Princess! Gold Fingerprint award for Triple Crown Power! Publish date: 2018-01-09 Polish High Fidelity magazine has reviewed and awarded Siltech's Triple Crown Power cable! Siltech in Las Vegas Publish date: 2018-01-08 Siltech's first stop in its 35th anniversary year: Las Vegas! 35 YEARS! Publish date: 2018-01-05 All the best wishes for this new year!!For Siltech 2018 is definitely going to be a special year as we will celebrate 35 YEARS Holiday Wishes Publish date: 2017-12-22 Siltech wishes all of you a wonderful Holiday Season!  High Fidelity Magazine Publish date: 2017-12-07 German magazine High Fidelity features an article about Siltech and Crystal Cable! Siltech Triple Crown in Poland Publish date: 2017-12-04 A great and extensive article by Soundrebels about Siltech's (and Crystal Cable's) trip to Poland this past summer! Triple Crown reviewed by Audiotechnique! Publish date: 2017-11-16 Audiotechnique published an article a while ago about Crystal Cable's The Ultimate Dream and Siltech's Triple Crown, in Chinese. Audio Video Show Warsaw Publish date: 2017-11-14 Visit Siltech at the Warsaw Audio Video Show from November 17-19th! Siltech Triple Crown in Hifi Philosophy Publish date: 2017-11-07 "Thanks to Triple Crown I was able to experience music in its strongest and most emotional way.."
TAS Buyer's Guide 2018 Publish date: 2017-10-30 The Absolute Dream 2018 Buyer's Guide features Siltech's highend cables and the SAGA system!
International Hifi Press Award for Siltech Triple Crown Power cables Publish date: 2017-10-09 International Hifi Press Award for Siltech Triple Crown Power cables! ! Edwin Rijnveld Seminars at RMAF! Publish date: 2017-10-05 Edwin Rijnveld (Siltech & Crystal Cable) will talk about cable sand their effect on sound Siltech will be at RMAF 2017 Publish date: 2017-10-02 Siltech and its Triple Crown will be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest! TAA show Taiwan Publish date: 2017-08-29 Siltech was at Taiwan's TAA show!
Hong Kong's Audio Visual show Publish date: 2017-08-28 A big THANK YOU to our distributor Excel Hifi and organizer Audio Technique for another fantastic Audio Visual show!
Summer Holiday Publish date: 2017-08-02 Siltech's factory and offices will be closed from August 7-18 for Summer Holiday. Siltech at shows this summer Publish date: 2017-06-15 Siltech will participate at hifi show in Asia this summer! Best Sound High End 2017 Publish date: 2017-06-07 "So, I had no choice and the Crystal Cable & Siltech room received the Best Sound High End 2017 award."
That's a wrap! Publish date: 2017-05-22 4 fantastic days of music, interesting conversations and of course highend audio.. Highend Munich 2017 Publish date: 2017-05-16 Siltech will be at Munich's Highend show! You are very welcome at Atrium 4.2 in room E229 from May 18-21! Triple Crown Power in Taiwan Publish date: 2017-04-24 The Kaohsiung International HI-END Audio proved to be a very succesful one! Hi-End Audio Show Taiwan Publish date: 2017-04-10 Siltech will be at Taiwan's Hi-End Audio Show. You are welcome to visit us from April 20-23! Technique, science and music Publish date: 2017-02-15 Get a more personal insight in Siltech and its products... Editors' Choice awards 2017 Publish date: 2017-02-15 Two of Siltech's products are among the 2017 Editors' Choice awards winners in The Absolute Sound's latest issue (#271)! A powerful CES 2017... Publish date: 2017-01-09 Another year, another CES in Las Vegas... The Absolute Sound's 2016 Buyer's Guide Publish date: 2017-01-02 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy Holidays! Publish date: 2016-12-21 Siltech wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday Season, enjoy!
Siltech CES 2017 sneak preview Publish date: 2016-12-20 Siltech will introduce an exciting new product at CES.. The Absolute Sound Buyer's Guide Publish date: 2016-12-08 The 2016 TAS Buyer's Guide (November issue) features Siltech's SAGA as well as the Explorer 90i Interconnect cable. CES 2017 Publish date: 2016-11-25 Siltech will be exhibiting at CES 2017!
Summer Holiday 2016 Publish date: 2016-08-05 Siltech's offices and factory will be closed from August 5th-19th.
Audio Visual show Hong Kong 2016 Publish date: 2016-08-04 Visit Siltech at this year's Audio Visual Show in Hong Kong. Weren't able to tune in yesterday? Publish date: 2016-06-22 Discovery Channel (US/Canada) aired a video by Innovations TV which features Siltech & Crystal Cable Watch Siltech on Discovery! Publish date: 2016-06-16 Innovations TV filmed an episode about Siltech and Crystal Cable in The Netherlands. Special offer from Siltech at Munich's Highend! Publish date: 2016-05-03 Siltech has a special offer, excluively for its visitors at this year's Highend show in Munich... Siltech at Highend Munich 2016 Publish date: 2016-04-15 Visit Siltech at the upcoming Highend Show in Munich. 2016 Hifi+ Buyer's Guide Publish date: 2016-02-04 Edwin & Gabi Rijnveld (Siltech & Crystal Cable) in HiFi Plus' latest Digital Buyer's Guide.
CES 2016 Publish date: 2016-01-11 Well, time really does fly when you're having fun. Yet another great and unforgettable CES has come to an end....
Happy Holidays Publish date: 2015-12-23 Happy Holidays! Siltech at CES 2016. Publish date: 2015-12-10 Siltech will be at CES 2016! From January 6-9 you are very welcome to visit Siltech The Venetian, Tech West, Suite 30-232.
Triple Crown reviewed by Sun-Moon Audio Publish date: 2015-12-04 Taiwanese Sun-Moon Audio has reviewed Siltech's Triple Crown. The Absolute Sound's Buyer's Guide Publish date: 2015-10-19 Siltech's SAGA and Explorer 90 interconnects are featured in the 2016 Buyer's Guide by The Absolute Sound.  Siltech SAGA Recommended Publish date: 2015-10-09 Stereophile's RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS 2015 Recommended Components Fall Edition Power Amps

Soundrebels reviews Triple Crown Publish date: 2015-09-14 Polish (online) magazine Soundrebels published a review of siltech's Triple Crown Interconnect and speaker cables. Siltech's Triple Crown reviewed by Audiotechnique. Publish date: 2015-09-01 AudioTechnique has reviewed the prestigious Siltech Triple Crown series! Siltech's Triple Crown Publish date: 2015-08-17 Siltech's prestigious Triple Crown at the Audio Visual Show in Hong Kong. Summer Holiday 2015 Publish date: 2015-07-22 The Siltech factory and offices will be closed for Summer Holidays from July 27th until August 7th. We will resume work on August 10th.
Gold Fingerprint award for Triple Crown! Publish date: 2015-06-17 Siltech's prestigious Triple Crown Interconnect was awarded with the Gold Fingerprint by Polish magazine Highfidelity. 
You can read the accompanying review...
HIGH END 14-17 May Munich Publish date: 2015-04-21 Good music, good conversations and a Virtual tour through our company... Siltech's SAGA Siltech's in Stereophile Publish date: 2015-04-10 "I have never heard digital sources sound as convincingly real, as fully fleshed out, as free of artifacts, or as genuinely enjoyable as they did through the... CES 2015 Publish date: 2015-01-12 Siltech presented its new Triple Crown interconnect and speaker cables at CES 2015. Siltech on Facebook Publish date: 2014-12-29 Siltech has joined its friends on Facebook! Warning Publish date: 2014-07-17 Please be aware of the following:
It has come to our attention that audiocrast.com is an illegally operating company, selling 100% fake cables only.
Based in...
Audio Visual show Hong Kong Publish date: 2014-08-11 Siltech introduced the new Triple Crown interconnect cable at the Audio Visual show in Hong Kong. Below you will find an animation.
More information will...
Siltech's SAGA system is awarded Publish date: 2014-05-08 "Something genuinely new and wonderful-sounding under the hifi sun.." according to Jonathan Valin (TAS 239). Siltech's SAGA system is awarded Editor's... Siltech's Explorer awarded 2014 Publish date: 2014-05-08 Siltech's Explorer 90i (Interconnect) and 90 L (Loudspeaker) cables have been awarded 2014 Editors' Choice  by The Absolute Sound. Where to buy Siltech. Publish date: 2014-05-08 Where to buy Siltech.Siltech products are sold exclusively through authorized distributors and dealers. All our distributors can be found on our website. Your...

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