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Years of excellence is no accident…

There are constant, immutable laws that govern the world in which we live (yes, even the world of audio) – laws that are recognized through and embodied in science. At Siltech we believe in science. It underpins every aspect of our products, whether that means amplifiers, cables or the process we use to develop them. It tells us what is possible – and what is not!

The first and most important realization is that no piece of audio equipment or cable can improve the signal encoded on your discs or stored on your server. In medicine the mantra is, “First do no damage.” It is a philosophy that we fully embrace, with products that are designed to both protect the fragile musical signal from outside interference and to do so with minimum intrusion. So, whether it is creating a unique, award winning amplifier topology to maintain the signal’s true dynamic range, or World-renowned cables that embody dramatically more effective shielding and protection from RF and mechanical interference, Siltech is constantly advancing the state of the art. We constantly invest in the very latest and most sensitive measurement equipment and research, with results that are as scientifically illuminating as they are musically impressive – year, after year, after year.

Siltech – The Product Of Sound Engineering

High-end cables SAGA, high-end amplifier Power Blocks

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