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Northstar recording Services (HQ|NORTHSTAR by Bert van der Wolf) has a recording philosophy which aims to communicate music recording and playback in the highest possible quality and therefore honoring the sound of reality. We call this philosophy “The Spirit of Turtle” and we collaborate with artists that share this vision.
The Spirit of Turtle is about music and how we can communicate this music optimally from performer to listener. A quest for transparency with an unconditional dedication and effort that is shared and invested by all involved, to reach our goals. A gateway between performer and listener that in the best case adds nothing, and takes away nothing from a real life performance.
By using tools and equipment that are invented, designed and produced by people and companies who share our vision, we have been able to capture the magical essence of music in a unique quality over the years. As if catching time itself, one nanosecond following the other, music through electrical signals harboring all the microscopic details and harmonic splendor of acoustic music being played by talented musicians.

Siltech has been a very important part in this chain of dedicated equipment for many years. By offering us acces to their unique mono-crystal cable technology, we have been able to transport the magic from the moment where the performance took place, to the universe where time is frozen into the digital bits on a recording medium. With Siltech we have found a partnership that honors “The Spirit of Turtle”, our vision on how recorded music should communicate and how the emotional content of this music must be transported through time and space.

Northstar Recording Services

The Spirit of Turtle

STS Digital

Beneath the blue coloured jackets of Siltech, lies a world of marvelously open and airy top end sound. So clear so detailed, that only Siltech can deliver. Combining with a musical smoothness and silky presentation it really enhanced all mine high end recordings …. Yes I love it.

Fritz de With
Balance Engineer STS Digital

Link: http://www.sts-digitalshop.nl/index.html

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