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SAGA, high-end amplifier

A new paradigm for audio amplification

It’s not everyday you see a step-change in performance, especially when that performance is in a highly developed field. Yet that is exactly what the Siltech SAGA high-end amplification system represents. How is it possible that a company best known for high-res cables can produce a genuinely revolutionary high-end amplifier?  Actually – that’s the secret. With cables you are dealing with the tiniest signals and musical details: it teaches you respect for system resolution and that concern is behind the concept of the SAGA system.

SAGA – Structural Analogue Gain Amplifier

The name says it all: amplifiers are tasked with generating gain and that gain should be structural – based on the signal and nothing else. The problem is that the nature of audio sources has changed – and amplifiers haven’t. Conventional designs still work on the basis of providing gain for very low-level signals, yet modern digital sources and standalone phono-stages generate input levels that are many times the 0.75V line-level standard. So most amplifiers deal with those signals by turning them into the sort of signals older designs used to receive, by attenuating them dramatically and then applying lots of gain to the tiny signal that results. The problem is that they don’t just amplify the signal: they also amply their own, inherent noise levels, which drives up the noise floor (by up to 10dB) which swamps tiny musical details and destroys resolution – completely unnecessarily. With SAGA, Siltech set out to maximize dynamic range and resolution. As soon as you set that target, it redefines the problem and the solutions you adopt.

“An instant classic and future collectible, the SAGA  is that rarest of all high-end products – something genuinely new and wonderful sounding under the hi-fi sun.”

Jonathan Valin – The Absolute Sound, January 2014





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